Destructive flour beetle

(Tribolium destructor)

Adult: 5–6 mm
Larva:  approx. 10 mm

Identification marks

The adult destructive flour beetle is dark brown or black and brown in colour.The larva is shiny and yellow-brown in colour. The tip of its back end has two sharp appendages that curve slightly upwards.


The destructive flour beetle spreads to homes through stores, mills and bakeries.



Both the larvae and the adult beetles feed on oatmeal flakes, crisp bread, pasta and birdseed.

Its foul-smelling and tasting excretion contaminates food stuffs, for example flours, and makes them unfit for consumption.

It may also feed on textiles. You can recognise the species by the smell of Lysol of a crushed beetle.

Prevention and extermination

All contaminated products must be destroyed. The area, where the insects were observed, must be inspected regularly. Freezing kills the beetle.

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