Food pests and their extermination


Food pests are pests that destroy food stuffs by eating them or contaminating them with their faeces. You can find them in crisp bread, flour, spices, cookies and other dry food, for example.

The pests are usually brought into homes in store packages. They can reside either on the outer surface of the package or inside it. The pests may have gotten in the packages already at the mill or the wholesale company.


Pests are quite common and you should not be alarmed by them. Pests do not usually carry any diseases. If the food is contaminated with the foul-tasting and smelling excretion of the destructive flour beetle, it can no longer be eaten.


The occurrence of food pests is not dependent on the cleanliness of the apartment, but it is easier for them to habit and reproduce in untidy households. If you see any pests, you should inspect all dry food stuffs, also unopened packages, and throw out the contaminated food.

If the abovementioned measures are not sufficient, pesticide should be applied. Pantries should be emptied out, as well as other kitchen cupboards. After this, all shelves (cupboards, baseboards, etc.) should be vacuumed and the vacuum cleaner’s dust bag changed. At the same time, it is also good to clean the back of the oven and other spots, where dirt and breadcrumbs may be left and which are not cleaned as often as rest of the kitchen. The pesticide is spread over the wall surfaces and the shelves inside the cupboards. When using pesticides, remember to adhere to the instructions given by the manufacturer/importer.

You can carry out the extermination by yourself. Please remember not to use too much pesticide, as it will not become any more effective and some substances may leave yellow stains behind. Some of the pesticides have a long-term effect, so you should leave them on the surfaces for as long as they are effective.


Tip: Food stuffs that have been brought from aboard (such as spices) may include insect eggs, which start to develop inside warm apartments. If you bring spices with you or receive them as gifts, you should place them in the freezer for three days.