Sawtoothed grain beetle

(Orazaephilus surinamensis)

Adult moth: 2,5–3,5 mm
Larva: 3 mm

Identification marks

Fully grown sawtoothed grain beetles are brown and oblong beetles with saw-toothed edges around the front back.

The larvae are light in colour and have no fur, beside a few fine hairs. There are no appendages or tufts of hair at the end of the body.



Sawtoothed grain beetles eat grain products, dried fruits and other food stuffs.

The sawtoothed grain beetle is one of the most harmful pests of mills, chocolate factories and bakeries. It is brought into homes with product packages.

The grain beetles can live in very dry places, which is why they thrive in central heating centres. As they are small in size, they nest in the little cracks in structures and other hiding places.


Food stuffs contaminated by sawtoothed grain beetles or their larvae are no longer fit for consumption.

Prevention and extermination

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